One by one, I find myself checking off my to-do list full of dreams that in the past I only could one day wish that I would attain. I am not even 1/100 of the way to all of my goals but the feeling of accomplishment is more addictive than anything on this earth. 2012 was easily the best year of my life and it completely changed the person that I am. I lived outside of my comfort zone and broke down many fears that existed within myself. I have learned that a fear is merely something you don’t understand and have not exposed yourself to. By living outside of my comfort zone, I was forced to face these fears daily and I had no option but to overcome them. I now frequent my previous fears and forget why I was so afraid in the first place. I search for new fears because it gives me a challenge and makes me feel worthwhile.

Everything from touring across the nation, to being in law school, to moving to a brand new city, to being a vegetarian (not anymore), and many more, have helped me to expand my comfort zone and seek fear instead of run from it. Although I am only 23 years old, I feel as though I’ve seen it all and there is nothing that could happen to me or that I could see that would truly shock me (somehow something always surprises me every time I get this mind set).

I have learned so much about human nature including the good, the bad, and the very ugly. Through other people, I have learned a great deal about myself and I am slowly working towards perfection using my trial and error method that ends me in error more times than I would like to admit. But I would never trade any bad experience because a lesson lived, is a lesson learned.

As this new year goes on, I am preparing for many new experiences, and many old experiences. Regardless of where I go or what I do, I still find joy in the people and simple things that I have always loved. As I check off my accomplishments one by one, I still have one that lurks in my head. My biggest accomplishment will take a lifetime to complete so maybe I’ll be typing about whether I did it or not in about 60 years from my deathbed. That accomplishment is to be a happy person when it is all said and done and to live a life that inspires others to take a proactive stance on things that they believe in. This accomplishment is truly all I want in life and the reason I even get out of bed in the morning.

Well I sufficiently wasted some valuable time I was supposed to be doing a ‘Motion for Summary Judgment’ writing assignment and now I have to go to class, but I wanted to catch anyone who cares up with my life and how I’m doing. Thank you for reading.

Ed Wimp




One thought on “Changes

  1. So refreshing to catch an update 1st hand from you. I appreciate your wisdom gained in such a short time. I don’t hear cynicism so much as you havving had to take in a great deal in a short time. Thank you for sharing yourself in this way. Continued blessings and prayers are lifted up for your well being. Let me know when you post another installment, I enjoy hearing about your continued adventures. 🙂

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