RIP Andrew Kuebrich

January 25th, 2012, I receive the news that my dear friend Andrew Kuebrich was killed on a bike ride across Taiwan. Andrew was the most motivated person I have ever met and left a lasting impression on everybody. I can guarantee that there is not a single person in this world that has ever had a negative opinion of him. He was truly the definition of what a person should be.

Whenever someone dies, it is very common, regardless of their true character, for others to speak highly of them. Although it is important to respect those that have gone before us, it makes it very difficult to find the combination of words that speaks to Andrew’s character, and drive without sounding cliche.

At first, Andrew’s death confused me. Why him? Out of every person in this world, why was he taken from us? But I think I may have the answer… Andrew led a very influential life. I know for a fact that he influenced me and everyone he knew. Andrew had a passion for running, and shortly after Andrew died, I went running on a cold January night. I set a personal best distance record and for some reason I didn’t get tired. What I’m trying to say is this… Andrew impacted a lot of people, and as a result of Andrews death, everyone that he impacted will now go on to achieve more than they believed they were capable of because they will not only accomplish for themselves, but also for Andrew. Only a small percentage of the population has the ability to be a leader… Andrew was the definition of a leader. I have made changes in my life to aspire to be more like Andrew. If I want to do something, I do it. If I believe something is wrong, I don’t do it. Plain and simple. He will be terribly missed. RIP Andrew Kuebrich.


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