Explanation for Irreplaceable Sun

Hey, so a few people have asked me what the last song “Irreplaceable Sun” is about on our new album My Life At Sea. I wrote the song from the standpoint of someone that is experiencing someone close to them die. As many of us have unfortunately come to find out, watching someone slowly die from a sickness is one of the most painful things to experience. The song “Irreplaceable Sun” not only dwells upon the sadness of seeing a loved one suffering, but it celebrates the qualities about the person that we cherish. Hence the chorus: “Still when I see you I see daylight, with you there was never a rainy day, and when i think of you, it opens my eyes, that everything will be ok… You’re my irreplaceable sun.”

I wrote the outro to the song long before I wrote the rest of the song. The message in the outro of the song is that we can not take for granted everything we have in life. We are “all just little people” and we need to realize that and realize how easily life can be taken from us. Bad things happen to good people every day and we are not invincible no matter how good we have been to others.

I hope this clears up any confusion about the song. If you have any questions just ask on here. Below is a youtube video of the song so you can listen to it again. Thanks!



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