So I have decided that I love playing music. I love everything about it. Not simply just getting on stage and playing songs for people but I love everything that goes into being in a band. The traveling, the sleeping on floors, the wonderful people you meet, the randomness of nearly every situation you will find yourself in. It’ all so appealing to me. I hate the routine’s that I find myself falling into when I am not out playing music. I hate waking up knowing that may day will be just like the last day, and the day before that, and the day before that… And I really don’t feel satisfied at the end of the day of when I have these “routine days”. Hopefully one day I will be able to do music full time and never have to worry about falling into these routine’s again and feeling like my life is passing me by. But until then I’ll work hard at it and prepare for a future in the music business.

Also as a side note… Always remember that it is difficult for bands to make a decent living. Even incredibly popular bands are struggling now for many reasons. The economy sucks, fans are illegally downloading music instead of buying it, artists are getting screwed in contracts etc… The list goes on. Try to understand this and help out bands that you like. Buy their CD’s, buy their shirts, go to their shows, tip them. This will help to keep your favorite bands touring. Speaking from the bands point of view, I can not stress enough the importance of supporting your favorite bands. If you continue to support us then we can continue to make it to your city every now and then to play a show for you.




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